First Hints About the Middle East

Wherever you go in the world, people practice totally different and incredibly similar customs . We advise you to search for the “similarities” rather than the differences. But there are some things that are required  to navigate any new culture Cross cultural understanding is an important tool for any international business person, organisation or company to acquire before doing business abroad.

For successful business in the Middle East, you need to invest time to get to know the people and the environment you’re dealing with. In the following articles we are going to give you some hints.

Let’s get started with a general introduction on greetings!

It’s always good to ask about your partner’s health and the well-being of his family, as long as you don’t ask specific questions about the wife or daughter or any female members of the family.

Acknowledging the most senior person in the room is also important to do. There is no hierarchy behind the gesture, but it shows respect towards the elderly – which is actually valid for every country. Isn’t it?

What about handshakes? Have you ever felt the need to think about them? Handshakes are always used in the Middle East. Etiquette commands you wait for the senior person to withdraw his hand. Always use your right hand. The left hand is considered unclean.

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