Fintech has now officially become one of the most promising industries, and financial tech companies that lend, process or create money have been flooding the Inc 500, according to a 2015 report. While the highly technical, highly regulated finance industry has been long dominated in the past by the giant banks that resist disruption (if we don’t count the financial meltdowns), this industry is now been high jacked by an enormous amount of entrepreneurs. According to Business Insider Nordic, in 2016 fintech startups are making names for themselves everywhere from Helsinki to Hanoi and Norway to Nigeria. They have been successfully held more than 60 rounds, raising their own crowdfunding. Finnish based fintech startups include Irofit, Moni, Tapp Commerce and Zervant, to name few. Fintech has exploded in India in the last two years, according to Village Capital, and the sector is projected to grow at 22% with USD $1.25 billion invested in Indian fintech startups in 2015.