Meet the World in Your Backyard

The accelerated globalization of culture and the rise of interculturality is a significant disruptive force in our era in all sectors of the market. The expanding movement of people and the diversity of contemporary businesses have established an unprecedented need for new knowledge.

New knowledge that GOInternational can provide you.

GOInternational is a professional program powered by HUB13. We provide consulting, matchmaking and local partnership to startups and SME’s interested in taking their business global. Our international team are experts in their own fields and markets. We work face-to-face with our clients on business models, approaching VC’s and process development. Inbound and outbound requests are conducted by the core team and other experts from local markets.

If you already have your business established in Finland, why not go further?

Russia? Middle East? East Asia? – the world is full of potential.

We provide profficiency, punctuality, a variety of approaches and most important: the knowledge that you need to go international. Our competence and cultural awareness will guide you to the route which will lead you to international success.

Are you interested?