Middle Eastern Exposure: Turkey

Doing business in Turkey has never been easier and now is the right time to explore the prospects for your business in Turkey. With its many and varied opportunities, doing business in Turkey can be highly rewarding for those who are well prepared.

Turkey is a large rapidly developing country and EU accession negotiations are leading to significant opportunities for companies in a broad range of sectors. Indeed, the country is already Europe’s seventh and the world’s eighteenth largest economy. Its recent economic growth record, its talented, young workforce and its geographical location as a prime hub for regional market access, make Turkey a hugely attractive destination for European trade and investment.

The business environment is little different from anywhere else. In fact it is often said that it is easier to do business in Turkey than other emerging markets. In Turkey you will find the same keen competitiveness, the same thirst for high quality and the same insatiable appetite for trade. Like any new market, if you want to be successful and fully realise your potential, it is crucial to understand the culture and how business operates locally.

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