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Why Corporate Venturing?

We provide you with an international gateway to access the most innovative Startups & SMEs with opportunities for acquisition.

5 Reasons to venture with us:

– We are your global scout for the brightest and most innovative startups & SMEs
– We explore alternate options for future growth
– We bring vetted startups to your Corporate Accelerator
– We identify investment opportunities for you to acquire value-driven start-ups with long term market outlook
– We provide the latest insights that can be applied to your current market

Why Corporate Partnering?

We provide you access to live projects in Smart City development in India and around the world, as well as the opportunity to work closely with the fastest moving startups in your Industry.

5 Reasons to partner with us:

– Direct access to large-scale Smart City projects
– Target Amplification of your expertise and creating your positioning as market leaders in India
– Introductions to local leading corporate partners and establishment of partnerships
– Access to Governmental decision and policy makers
– Logistical support in setting up operations