Press Release: Corporate Venturing Collaboration between Tieto and GOInternational Finland for Data-driven Companies

Tieto Data Incubator, led by Taneli Tikka, and GOInternational Finland have broken ground on their corporate venture partnership.

Start-ups and corporates think differently, and their visions are often not aligned, which creates friction when they try to work together.  GOI Finland plugs disruptive startup innovations with mature companies like a key in a lock and opens up opportunities for both parties.

E.g. GOInternational Finland has already brought several escalating cases to Tieto. Last week we introduced companies from the Healthtech, Agritech, and Fintech sectors in one-on-one meetings with Taneli in which the companies pitched their data-driven business cases and began to explore the synergy Tieto could create with them.

The offerings Tieto can provide these companies include networks, access to customers, coaching, technology, tools, platforms, and strong support to accelerate the data driven business idea further.

GOInternational Finland and Tieto are only beginning to delve into their cooperation and will look for further future collaboration models. Specific opportunities for joint Nordic innovators begin now in June 2017 with our first smart mobility project for several Indian cities. We are looking for both innovators and partners who can also bring solutions in this area.

Other areas of specialization are Education Innovation, HealthTech, Smart Cities, Digital Economies, & Data Security.