The Egyptian Experience

Some entrepreneurs tend to think that a single great idea is enough to run a successful business, but in real life, every business requires serious planning and competent professionals. Without the right tools even the best idea cannot be turned into a fruitful business.

Do you know DNLA? Discovering Natural Latent Abilites.  Jan-Eric Danielsson from Intelligent HR Systems is going to tell you about his company and their assessment tool withwell established scientifical background for HR-professionals.  Intelligent HR Systems Finland can provide you all the tools for developing your business. There are several different options depending on your company and your existing resources to reach the desired growth.

Intelligent HR Systems Finland shows you the concrete way to improve the human side of business. Using studies conducted at Harvard Business School, this platform compares manager’s  behavior to your job requirements via a secure connection through the internet. The information on their leadership activities is then sent directly to you.

According to the latest research by GAFI (General Authority for Investment and Free Zones) Egypt is now rebuilding its political structure to fulfill the dreams of all Egyptians hoping to make changes to develop the financial and social situation of their country.

The political situation has been stable since the latest presidential elections last year. The parliament elections will take place this year. The current policies of the government are intended to reform the economy and attract as many investors as possible. Egypt’s wide consumer market provides a large and well trained working force. Jan Eric Danielsson is going to share his experiences in the Egyptian market at our ICT matchmaking event.

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