Working with the Chinese: the Academic Point of View

Living in a world where there are no boundaries existing anymore, the ’trade market’ of the certain products and ideologies has successfully opened up almost everywhere. There is almost nothing surrounding us, what could be considered as a thing particularly originated from one certain ’culture’.

Fred Dervin is a professor of Multicultural Education at the University of Helsinki (Finland). Holding several professorships in Canada, Luxembourg and Malaysia, being appointed Distinguished Professor at Baoji University of Arts and Sciences (China) he has a deep knowledge in working with Chinese organizations.

As an academic person in Finland and abroad, Prof. Fred Dervin has a deep knowledge in working with Chinese companies and Chinese people in the educational and business sectors.

Thus at the moment Prof. Dervin specializes in intercultural education and the sociology of multiculturalism he has a deep business experience in Eastern and Western cooperation. Dervin has widely published in international journals and has published over 20 books.

The great potentials in China offer great opportunities to Finnish companies to create join ventures, to develop their technologies and to spread their knowledge and services in Asia.

Dervin’s opinion is that there is no need to go beyond the shackles of culture and towards a self-critical analysis renewing the idea of justice.

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